Five ways to present your home for sale

To present your home for sale, professional home stagers can be used; however, this can be expensive. Money can be saved by following a few simple guidelines to stage your home yourself.

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Make your home show its best side by following some simple tips

Home staging can make a significant difference to how quickly your home sells and the price you obtain for it, according to a report by the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland.

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1. Clean and declutter

Make it easy for potential buyers to imagine their belongings in your home by providing a blank canvas. Have a good clean to freshen the place up and put everything away in its proper place.

Make your home feel bigger by decluttering. Remove items cluttering up work surfaces in the kitchen and on top of cabinets and reposition or move furniture to create space.

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2. Add light and space

Buyers can be put off by bright colours or dark rooms. A quick coat of paint is a cheap way of lightening dark rooms, while mirrors can be hung to reflect light and add a feeling of space.

3. Deal with the maintenance

If you have cupboard doors that need realigning, lightbulbs that need replacing or loose skirting, now is the time to deal with these jobs. A home where everything works properly will be more attractive to a potential buyer.

4. Tidy the outside space

Whether you have a garden, balcony or courtyard, make sure it is tidy. A well-cared-for space is inviting, whereas an overgrown and messy area can indicate that work needs doing.

5. Define the rooms

A spare bedroom can often be used as a study or gym; however, when selling your home, you need to make sure that potential buyers can visualise the rooms as they are described. If a dining room is being used for general clutter, they may assume that it will not fit a dining table.